Park lift Type XS 2500 extra narrow


Extra narrow parking lift for tight spaces, only 2450 mm total width. Lifting capacity 2500 kg.

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The practical 2-post park lift with high quality hydraulic cylinder for powerful lifting of vehicles. The park lift type XS 2500 with its total width of only 2450 mm was specially developed for tight spaces.

Attention: It is essential to pay attention to the track width of your vehicle as this lift is only suitable for narrow, small vehicles. Only small, narrow vintage cars fit here. The wheelbase shouldn't be wider than 1750 mm for the first car to be parked on the park lift (above).


  • 2 year warranty.
  • High processing quality through years of development technology.
  • Production according to European safety standards.
  • All parking decks are mobile and do not necessarily have to be attached to the ground.
  • Extra flat ramps for low vehicles.
  • High-quality hydraulic unit with air-cooled aluminum motor, aluminum hydraulic pump, metal hydraulic tank.
  • Each park lift contains 8 pawls for continuous safety: 4 pawls for parking after it has been raised, so that the lift is safely in the parking position and the hydraulic system is relieved. 4 pawls to secure slack rope in the event of a rope defect. Central unlocking of the pawls only with a hand lever.
  • 1 high quality hydraulic cylinder for powerful lifting of the lift.
  • Limit switch to protect the hydraulics in height.
  • Overpressure valve in case of overload of the lifting capacity.
  • Castors made of high quality PUR so that the tiles or the floor coating are not damaged when driving on.
  • Mechanical safety catches.
  • High quality powder coating.
  • Synchronization control by wire ropes.
  • Spare parts supply secured for years.
  • Instruction manual and assembly instruction
  • Inspection book and CE certificate for UVV Inspection (Accident Prevention)

Technical specifications

  • Lifting capacity 2500 kg
  • Motor 220 V / 2,2 kW
  • Max. height approx. 1868 mm
  • Max. ground clearance approx. 1700 mm
  • Total height approx. 2186 mm
  • Total width with motor only 2450 mm
  • Between posts approx. 2218 mm
  • Total length without ramps approx. 4455 mm
  • Total length with ramps approx. 5258 mm
  • Ramp width approx. 1765 mm
  • Weight approx. 800 kg

Scope of delivery

  • 1 x Park lift with hydraulic unit;
  • 2 x Ramps;
  • 3 x PVC oil collecting pans;
  • 4 x Chassis;
  • 1 x Limit switch.

Shipping information

A forklift truck is absolutely necessary for unloading!

  • Pick-up by arrangement. Central warehouse 36100 Petersberg near Fulda
  • Shipping costs within Germany (excluding islands) – 295 €
  • Shipping costs within Germany (excluding islands) incl. Crane delivery or transportable forklift – 395 €.
  • Shipping costs within Austria (no crane unloading possible) – 395 €.
  • Shipping worldwide possible – Please send an email to

The lift arrives screwed in a transport frame. Please note that upon delivery, access must be possible for a truck from 7.5 t to 12 t. According to the international forwarding law, truck driver has to deliver the goods only to the curb. If you have one level access to your garage the truck driver will be happy to deliver the goods in there.

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