Axle jack – model compressed air standard

Practical axle jack with compressed air for 4-post lifts or park lifts. Adjustable chassis. Lifting capacity 2500 kg.

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The axle jack with compressed air and 2500 kg lifting capacity is the perfect addition to your 4-post park lift.

  • Axle jack with compressed air
  • Lifting capacity 2500 kg.

Suitable for the following park lifts:

  • Double parker 4-cars basic narrow # 36,
  • Park lift standard XL 3600 #39,
  • Park lift Steinbock XL 4000 #40,
  • Park lift L Mini #41,
  • Mammut park lift 5000 Mega #43,
  • Double parker 4-cars premium #45,
  • Double parker 4-cars basic #48,
  • Mammut park lift 4000 extra wide #49
  • Park lift caravan mega high #260,
  • Triplex (just below) #300.

Special features

  • 2 year warranty
  • High processing quality
  • Production according to European safety standards
  • Mechanical safety catches
  • High quality powder coating
  • Synchronization control by wire ropes
  • Spare parts supply secured for years
  • Instruction manual and assembly instruction
  • Inspection book and CE certificate for UVV Inspection (Accident Prevention)
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Quality promise

Spare parts secured for years

EU safety standards

Production according to European safety standards

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