2-post lift for garages – extra flat

Ideal 2-post lift for private screwdrivers. With its post height of only 2124 mm, it fits in any garage.

Lifting capacity: 3000 kg;
Unlocking: manual;
Motor: 220 V.

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TOP production quality

  • Production according to European safety standards
  • Safety notches for safe working at any height
  • Robust manual release on both sides
  • High-quality support pillars made of special rolled profiles
  • Color RAL anthracite 7016 arms in gray
  • 2 hydraulic cylinders for powerful lifting and lowering
  • Automatic lifting arm locking
  • Turntable adapter plates with double thread
  • Large door stop rubbers
  • High quality powder coating
  • Synchronization control by wire ropes
  • Spare parts supply secured for years
  • German assembly instructions with test book
  • Incl all documents for examination
  • Foundation requirements min. 20 cm concrete

The perfect alternative to the mobile scissor lift. Scissor lift is usually on the floor and you have to drive over it. With this garage lift you have only a narrow post on the right and left and a drive-over plate of approx. 55 mm. A lifting height is 1500 mm.

Foundation requirements

A concrete foundation with the following requirements is essential:

Width 3000 mm x length 3000 mm and a thickness of at least 200 mm. Concrete C20 / 25.

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Spare parts secured for years

EU safety standards

Production according to European safety standards

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