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Parking problem? We have a suitable park lift for every space problem.

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1-post park lift

Practical 1-post lift for quad or motorcycle – perfect as a lift or park lift. Due to the optimal accessibility – e. g. to the engine – the lift is ideal for oil changes and repairs on quads and motorcycles.

3-cars park lift Triplex

Parking lift for 3 vehicles – The Triplex park lift triples the number of parking spaces in the available area.


What is the minimum room height needed to park two vehicles with a park lift?

For the calculation of the min. necessary room height, add up the heights of the two vehicles + 200 mm adjustment distance of the parking lift.

An example: # 1 vehicle height – 1600 mm, # 2 vehicle height – 1400 mm. The min. necessary room height: 1600 mm + 1400 mm + 200 mm = 3200 mm.

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